Sunset Review for Joint Allowables

The Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS) design handbook contains fastener system strength allowables data in Chapter 8 for use by the aerospace industry. This data is employed by government agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration for certification, Department of Defense, and by industry for design application purposes.  The Fastener Task Group (FTG) is chartered to gather and review data for new fastening system/ sheet combinations, and periodically review and substantiate the allowables for the existing tables published in the handbook. Individual tables are scheduled for sunset review every seven (7) years.

To maintain a table in MMPDS, additional test data of approximately 25% of the number of specimens originally submitted with the data package, is required in order to perform a sunset review. Details of the sunset process are contained in section of the MMPDS.  A response time of one year from the date of notice is allowed to establish whether a company wishes to provide confirmation data for each table. Early responses to the Fastener Task Group are encouraged in order to expedite the review process. Additional information can be found in Chapter 9 of MMPDS-09.

Individual letters have been sent to organizations that supplied the original data for these tables; however any organization may sponsor confirmatory data and is encouraged to coordinate with the primary manufacturer to do so.

Due to the number of tables being reviewed the FTG will not be considering any further tables for Sunset Review purposes.

The fasteners from MMPDS Chapter 8 Structural Joint Tables added to the list of fasteners being reviewed under the “Sunset Review Clause” prior to the 25th MMPDS Coordination Meeting, September 2014, can be found on page 2.

“Sunset Review Clause” applied to MMPDS Chapter 8 Structural Joint Tables prior to the 25th MMPDS Coordination Meeting, September 2014