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To assist in the ease of processing your registration payment, we have developed a secure “pay online” process. Processing the payment button will take you to a secure vendor who will process the payment for Battelle. The cost of Registration is based on the date your Registration Form is submitted. If you choose to not submit your Registration Form until after 9/1/19, your payment will be more expensive. (New higher rates will be released 9/2/19).

After completing your Registration Form (preferably prior to 9/2/19 so you have the lower rates) you have a few options:

1. Complete and submit your Registration Form. Choose whether to Pay Now or Later.


2. Submit your Registration Form but delay your payment.


3. Pay your registration fee after the meeting, which has been done in the past, using the rate that was determined by the day you submitted the Registration Form.

This registration method applies to both members of the MMPDS Steering Groups and non-members simply looking to attend the meeting.

34th MMPDS Coordination Meeting Registration Form

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  • After you register for the meeting, you will be prompted to pay for your reservation., should you want to.

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  • Payment Processor (if different from Attendee)